New to Moksha?

New to the Studio and unsure what to expect? Here’s a quick primer about what you’ll need for your first class!

1- Water Bottle

Always remember this is a hot class! You’re going to sweat quite a bit, so make sure that you always have a large bottle of water, and take breaks as often as you need to to drink water. Staying hydrated will make your Yoga experience successful. We also always have water with fresh fruit in it at the front desk, as well as cups if you’ve forgotten your water bottle.

2- Yoga Mat

A yoga mat is necessary for the practice here at Moksha. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, you can rent one for 2$, and we also have some for sale at our studio.

3- Towel

A towel is especially important since you’ll be sweating quite a bit! It helps to prevent you from slipping on your mat while practicing. If you don’t have a yoga towel, we also have those for rent for 2$, and for sale at our studio.

4- Yoga Clothes

We don’t have a particular uniform, but recommend moisture wicking athletic clothes made for yoga.

Things to know when at the studio:

1- Please take off your shoes in the lobby! We strive to keep the studio as clean and pleasant as possible for everyone, and part of that is removing shoes after you come inside.

2- Please leave your cellphone and other items outside of the studio space. We’re more than happy to keep them at the front desk while you practice. Also, please do not use your cellphones in the change rooms, for the privacy of other guests.

3- The studio is a silent space, so please do not talk, especially during the starting and final savasanas.

4- We provide blocks and straps for all yogis who come to practice. They are in the back of the Hot studio, and are free for anyone to use.

5- Our instructors are at the front desk 20 minutes before and after every class, so please feel free to ask any questions about the classes, or any modifications you might need. We’re always happy to help!