Melissa Miller Student, Yoga Instructor & Owner

Melissa started practicing Moksha after the birth of her first child and fell in love with it immediately. The heat, the quiet, the community, the peace she found on her mat was unbelievable – she was in love.  In September 2009  she hopped on a plane and went to Las Vegas where she completed her level one training.

In September of 2010 after an amazing year of teaching at Moksha Yoga Halifax, Melissa applied to open a Moksha studio in Bedford, Nova Scotia. She was excited and couldn’t wait for this opportunity of a lifetime!  During this time she found out she was pregnant with her second child, a little boy and she was thrilled.

During this exciting time of planning and dreaming of a studio she would soon learn she would need to put her plans on hold because the universe has different plans for her.  In May of 2011 at 23 weeks gestation, Melissa was admitted to the hospital where she would learn her son was in heart failure and was told he would not live. Melissa would spend the next 4 months at he hospital and her plans to open a studio were put on hold.

Melissa never gave up hope and believed her little boy would be ok. Even after being told she could die from the medication she needed to take to save him she believed it would be ok. They told her that even if the baby did survive they could not tell her what affects the lack of blood flow would have caused and she continued to believe everything would be ok. When all the evidence, all the doctors, even peers were skeptical she continued to believe. Her daily mantra was “he’s alive, kicking, moving, growing, and I’m so grateful for today.” Melissa ended up having her little boy, Jackson Douglas Doucet, 10 weeks early and would spend the reminder of her time at the hospital in the NICU. Through breath, love and so much support from her moksha family Melissa left the hospital on August 31, 2011 with a beautiful healthy baby boy.

Not long after brining Jackson home Melissa went on to complete her Moksha Flow training in Halifax and her Moksha Level 2 training in Costa Rica. Melissa continued to believe and picked up where she left off and Moksha Yoga Bedford came to life!  Melissa is honoured to be opening MYB with her friend and partner Joanna Thurlow on April 22, 2013!

She is so proud to call herself a Mokshie and to be part of his community of amazing people who she continues to learn from on a daily basis. And if that wasn’t enough Melissa will also be marring her long time love of 14 years in July of this year where they plan to celebrate there love and triumphs with there friends and family.

Melissa continues smile at the universe, and to welcome challenges with open arms. She truly lives by the code when a door shuts, a window of opportunity opens. “Carpe diem – “seize the day”