Amy Tattrie

After an on again off again relationship with hot yoga at Moksha Halifax, starting back in January 2012, I was finally able to make a commitment to Moksha Yoga Bedford in September 2013. I dove straight into a VIP membership. I fell in love with this beautiful studio instantly. I was pulled into the welcoming community that is Moksha Yoga Bedford, and was hooked. Suddenly the effort to make it to class everyday seemed less taxing. I was doing this amazing thing for my body because I loved it and it was good for me; not simply just to loose twenty pounds.
The following January I sadly had to cancel my VIP membership, as I was off to study abroad in Denmark for a semester and to do some trotting around Europe. After that exciting adventure, I returned to Halifax for my final semester at MSVU in the fall of 2014. I was left with a tight budget after my travels in Europe, and therefore decided to inquire about the Energy Exchange Program. Shortly after applying, I became a part of the Energy Exchange team, which was a truly enjoyable experience that I would recommend to anyone. Knowing I was putting in my own time in exchange to practice yoga, I grew further involved in my own practice and developed an increased sense of community with Moksha Yoga Bedford. After trading with the studio for over four months, I was presented with the exciting opportunity to become a member of the front desk staff. I of course jumped on becoming a part of this amazing team, and I could not be more thrilled, or more proud to be working at this wonderful place. Look forward to seeing you there! Namaste. J