Yoga Benefits

This amazing sweaty stuff has the potential to change your life – it has for thousands of people – so we just wanted to share a few tips to make sure you make the most out of your visit…

What are the benefits of Moksha Yoga?

Ummmm, where do we start?!

Moksha Yoga has endless benefits – in fact, we are still regularly surprised to hear all the amazing ways Moksha is enriching lives… Here are just a few of them:

Stress Reduction: This is huge! Stress is at the root of so many common ailments, but even after just one session you’ll notice your worries weighing a little bit lighter on you.

Increased flexibility & strength: From our perspective, a tight muscle is a weak muscle, prone to injury and incapable of quick healing. By increasing your flexibility, you gain strength, prevent injuries, and facilitate healing of existing issues.

Weight loss: Yoga helps to regulate and improve functioning of all the systems of your body, which is a fantastic way to reignite your metabolism, helping you achieve weight loss without crazy fad diets or over-exercising that results in injury.

Reduced anxiety: Experience the calm & relaxation that only hot yoga can bring. We all have stress & anxiety in our lives but the soothing heat, poses, & exercise will melt all of your stress & anxiety away.

Depression: Moving your body in a mindful way is a great way to help with depression. The heat of hot yoga also detoxes the body, which may help relieve symptoms of depression. Mindful exercise, detoxing heat, & meeting other liked minded people can help beat depression.

Better sleep: Whether you’re battling insomnia or just want a better night’s sleep, hot yoga can help. Again, the detoxing effect of hot yoga along with mindful exercise is a great way to help the body & mind relax, producing a better & deeper sleep.

Improved immune function: Consistent exercise, the detoxing effect of hot yoga that also boosts your metabolism, helps increase your immune system as well. If you’re sick of being sick, then give hot yoga a try.

Reduced discomfort & pain: Because hot yoga detoxes your body, increases your immune system & metabolism, while increasing your flexibility & strength, hot yoga also reduces any discomfort or pain that you’re enduring.

Boost in self-confidence: Everyone feels more self-confident with weight-loss, better sleep, increased flexibility, strength and immune function with a reduction in anxiety, depression, discomfort & pain, and stress.

What are you waiting for? Give Moksha Hot Yoga a try today!

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