Yoga Benefits


This amazing sweaty stuff has the potential to change your life – it has for thousands of people – so we just wanted to share a few tips to make sure you make the most out of your visit…

What are the benefits of Moksha Yoga?

Ummmm, where do we start?!

Moksha Yoga has endless benefits – in fact, we are still regularly surprised to hear all the amazing ways Moksha is enriching lives… Here are just a few of them:
Decreased stress… This is huge! Stress is at the root of so many common ailments, but even after just one session you’ll notice your worries weighing a little bit lighter on you.
Increased flexibility & strength… From our perspective, a tight muscle is a weak muscle, prone to injury and incapable of quick healing. By increasing your flexibility, you gain strength, prevent injuries, and facilitate healing of existing issues.
Helps with weight management… Yoga helps to regulate and improve functioning of all the systems of your body, which is the healthiest way to achieve your healthiest weight.
Reduced anxiety & depression, better sleep, improved immune function, improved digestion, reduced discomfort & pain, increased sense of self-confidence… need we go on?